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Healthy Snacks ideas for weight loss

Today we brought you instructions for the snacks found within your meal plan titled “Fresh Veggies with Dip” and “Fresh Fruit and Nuts.” As always, the portion sizes described here are for your reference only. If you find they are not big enough, simply consume more raw fruits and vegetables. However, this is not intended to be a restrictive meal plan but one that provides portion-size guidance for those who are interested in it.

We perused many best selling books to choose the healthiest snacks for our readers. This article shows our top pick healthy snacks for weight loss at night.

We selected a variety of healthy snack ideas. While it is difficult to satisfy all tastes we added good junk food snacks. Please note that these meals plans are not restrictive but you can eat as much as you can if you think the portion is not big enough.

Veggies with Dip

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You can never go wrong with veggies. Certainly not when you have a delicious dip.

  • Bell peppers, sliced (green, red, yellow, orange or a combination)
  •   Broccoli florets
  •   Carrot sticks
  •   Cauliflower florets
  •   Celery sticks
  •   Cherry tomatoes
  •   Cucumber slices


This list includes different types of fruits, you can mix them together according to your diet plan. Diet programs on tv, says fruits promote weight loss

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  • 1 medium banana
  •   1 medium pomegranate
  •   2 tangerines
  •   2 oranges
  •   2 small peaches
  •   2 small nectarines
  •   3 small figs
  •   3 medium grapefruits”
  • 1 bowl of mixed berries (any type)


To wrap up this list of heart healthy snacks. Buddha bowl of proteins with some cinnamon and non-fat milk.

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  • 10 hazelnuts
  •   10 walnut halves
  •   10 pecan halves
  •   20 peanuts
  •   25 pistachios
  •   12 cashew

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